Lincoln Communities Action team met Tuesday of this week for their regular monthly meeting.

Ben Rowley reported LCAT’s Facebook page had 1,061 followers as of mid-June, Twitter had 833. Overall, LCAT’s website had 2,284 visitors, a bit lower than May, but a 40 percent increase over June, 2015. Las Vegas and Los Angeles are where many of the hits came from, but others from Southern Utah and Reno also had a good number as well.

Other events LCAT is promoting, including this week’s county fair, are the Las Vegas Astronomical Society visit Sept. 2-3; Labor Day events in Pioche, Sept. 3-5; the Dutch Oven Cook off at Cathedral Gorge Sept. 17; and the Park to Park Pedal Oct. 8.

In other action at the July meeting, there was discussion about poor cellphone reception particularly in the Caliente area. It was reported Lincoln County Telephone, once discovered, appears to have resolved some of connection/3G performance issues.

A concept for a new Tourism Director was presented by Dana Fruend and given to LCAT for review. A special subcommittee of Keith Larson, Sheryl Johnson and Marcia Hurd was set to study the proposal. Dave Hurd said if the position could be self-funding, it might definitely be worth looking at.

LCAT President Marcia Hurd said at present there are some business-type cards at different shops, stores, and motels, “You can find a little business card that says on it, that’s our website, and on the backside is some of the stuff you can look up there. “It’s a little black card, that is for the purpose of helping people get used to using the website, because it does have the calendar on it of events that we are promoting along with other information that can be shared with friends and family. You can find one in those little plastic business card holders you often see near the checkout register.”