A resolution to establish a landfill closure, post closure care and correction action fund to meet the costs of closure and post closure care was approved by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Aug. 15.

District Attorney Daniel Hooge said such a fund was necessary because the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection does require financial assurance.

He said the county could get a bond for this, but advised against that. “Rather, it seems to be better to create a trust and fund the trust, and we, as a local government, can do that and just put it into our own account and not have a bank act as a trustee.”

He added, “This will make NDEP happy, and then they can release Recology from their operation and turn it over to us.”

The issue needed to be decided before the default date of Sept. 7. “There are other options,” he said, “but this is a good one, and we have so little time.”

The resolution states in part “that the county shall appropriate $20,000 annually into the Landfill Closure, Post-Closure Care and Corrective Action Fund unless it is larger than the most recent estimate of the costs of the closure, post-closure care and correction action.”

In addition, it is also resolved that the county’s independent certified public accountant shall monitor and certify that the county is, or is not, meeting the requirements at the close of each fiscal year.

“The amount we have now for the closure, post-closure monitoring is about $900 per year,” Hooge said, “but the costs will likely go up over time.”

It might be somewhat tricky, he thought, how to budget that for the current budget, but they can work it into the next fiscal year which begins in July. Commission Chair Kevin Phillips said, “This is just the cost of doing business.”

Commissioner Higbee recommended that language of the resolution might be modified to state that the fund will come from special use funds, not from tax funds. Hooge said he could do that.

Planning Director Cory Lytle said, “This resolution shows the county is behind us and shows we are doing something to deal with both closure and post-closure. And using a certified public accountant, in this case Dan MacArthur, he is the accountant reassuring NDEP Lincoln County government can cover this cost. It’s insurance in an indirect manner with this type of approach.”