County commissioners tabled until the next board meeting Tuesday, Sept. 6, the approval and signing of the final closing agreements with Recology, including a final purchase and sale agreement, assumption agreement and an agreement ending the 2006, 49-year franchise agreement for solid waste disposal.

The main reason explained by county Planning and Building Director Cory Lytle was that he still needed the survey maps to complete the application to the Nevada Department of Environmental Quality requesting transfer of permits from Recology to Lincoln County.

He explained that Sept. 6, the day after Labor Day, is when the county will officially take over operation of the Crestline Landfill east of Panaca. He said he expected completed survey map by the survey crews by the end of this week. Using local surveyors has made the process happen a lot faster, he said. “It would have taken a couple of months had we gone to some outside firm, and the map is critical in Recology accepting the terms.”

Commissioners agreed to do that, and District Attorney Daniel Hooge said, “We need to close by Sept. 7 though, as that is the default date.”

Commissioner Varlin Higbee said he wanted the board to know, “We are not the only ones who have been abused by Recology.” He said he was informed about a facility Recology was operating in Humboldt County, near Winnemucca, that was also to have been promised to have waste brought in from the Bay area. “The County helped Recology get the permits, but the facility was never completed because environmentalists complained where Recology wanted to put the landfill was out on a dry lake bed that sometimes floods to as much as four or five feet deep. So, Humboldt County is about to give Recology the boot also, because the county will not give an extension on their permits.”