The audience was very slim at the most recent Pioche Town Board meeting held Aug. 9, with main agenda items including fixing up the curbs and gutters in Pioche and cost of living raises for employees.

The curbs on Gold, Silver and 4th Streets have been hammered by the snow and rain and are starting to crack and crumble. The gutters are not in good condition, and are in need of repair. The board is hoping to get $60,000 from the Regional Transportation Commission for the curb and gutter repair. The town hopes to be done with the project before the winter comes.

As soon as John Christian opened the discussion about cost of living raises for employees, two different opinions quickly popped up. Cost of living gives every employee a 2 percent raise each week. The other side is to give employees merit raises. Phyllis Robistow said, ‘’I’m in favor of merit raises, because it gives employees incentive.’’ Nate Adams said, ‘’Speaking as an employee, if you look at the other counties, they have cost of
living and merit raises.’’

Cindy Free sided with Robistow, stating merit raises provide a lot more incentive’. A lot of time was spent discussing this agenda item. When one of the board members made a motion to accept the cost of living, none of them seconded it. John Christian and the board will schedule a closed meeting to decide if the employes will get the cost of living, merit raises or both.