Thompson’s Opera House, the website and the future of the Labor Day celebration were discussed during Pioche Chamber of Commerce’s Aug. 9 meeting.

Les Derkovitz shared his plans for the Opera House. The structure built in 1873 has a long history and Derkovitz continues striving to return it to its former glory. He has hope for many future shows and events. “I am still working really hard to find a creative way to make this a success.”’ But there is only so much he can do, adding that he desperately needs sponsorship and grant money. “If I don’t get sponsorship help, and my shows are a bust, I can’t keep doing it.”

The next show at the Opera House will be Melanie Devaney performing on Sept. 4 at 7 p.m., which is part of the Labor Day weekend celebration.

Mary King of the website committee reported the chamber received $7,500 to update The goal is to create a new logo and make the site easier to use.

The chamber and the Labor Day committee seem to be at odds. Candice Mortensen said that the Labor Day committee feels like the chamber is micromanaging them. She said that “Labor Day is a very stressful event to plan, adding that it requires a team of organized people to make it happen. Chamber members expressed fear for the future of this holiday weekend. Derkovitz said ‘’the loss of Labor Day would be huge.” The group recognized that Pioche needs the business that comes from this busy tourist event and hopes that this isn’t the last Labor Day.