Meadow Valley Pharmacy owner, Dr. Adam Katschke, has pled guilty to one count of insurance fraud and one count of submitting false Medicaid claims, both Class D felonies.

County District Attorney Daniel Hooge reported his office received a report Aug. 26 from the office of State Attorney General Adam Laxalt, informing them of the plea agreement.

In the document, Katschke states, and through advice of his attorney, Daniel Albregts of Las Vegas, “that I will pay $1.5 million in restitution, and $100,000 in investigative costs.” In addition, as described in Exhibit I from the Attorney General, “the State will not file any new charges arising out of the facts and circumstances related to the investigation.”

Katschke also said in the written statement that “I admit the facts that support all the elements of the offenses to which I now plead as set forth in Exhibit I.”

The Class D felony regarding insurance fraud counts states that “on or about November 14, 2013 and on or about April 9, 2015, within Lincoln County, Nevada, I, Adam Paul Katschke, did knowingly, willfully and unlawfully present or cause to be presented statements in support of claims for payment or other benefits under policies of insurance known by me to conceal or omit facts, or contain false or misleading information concerning any fact material to the claim.”

On the submitting false claims: Medicaid fraud, the document reads “that I, Adam Paul Katschke, on or about April 2013 to April 2015, within Lincoln County, Nevada, did knowingly and willfully make or cause to be made claims to Nevada Medicaid, knowing the claims to be false, in whole or in part, by commission or omission.”

Hooge said his office was not involved in the investigation, but thought sentencing for Katschke might be in January, 2017. Sentencing might involve up to four years in prison by the Nevada State Department of Corrections and a fine of $5,000 on each count.

However, the possibility of probation also exists and will be at the discretion of one of the judges of the Seventh Judicial District in Ely.