It was a full house at the last Caliente City Council Meeting on the night of Sept. 1 at the Depot. Mayor Stana Hurlburt and the entire Caliente City Council members were present.

The biggest topic of the night was to approve or deny the hiring policy allowing supervisors to hire without the approval of the council.

The meeting opened with a public comment from Mary Cordle, a Caliente resident, who stated she was opposed to the action She stated, “I am opposed of the hiring of employees without council approval. We voted for you, we put our trust in you and I think it’s your responsibility.”

Many opinions were discussed before the final decision. Councilman Vic Jones said that “because of problems in the past, we need to be in control. Councilman Cody Christiansen shared concern about when the city is facing a time crunch that there are times when you shouldn’t need approval for seasonal, immediate temporary hiring. City Attorney Dylan Frehner stated that it is not a legal issue but a policy one. Councilman Steve Rowe proposed an idea that everyone agreed on in an attempt to solve all issues. “To advertise for a pre-approved pool of hirees in case of emergencies. Cody Christensen made a motion to to change the policy so they can create a hiring pool for temporary positions. The council unanimously agreed to approve the motion.

Next up for discussion was the Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities presentation by Executive Director Wes Henderson. Henderson presented the council with informational brochures and sunglasses. Council members loved the sunglasses.

The Nevada League of Cities and Municipalities was originally incorporated as The Nevada Municipal Association in 1959. It is a professional association with a mission to serve “as the state’s primary champion of local government.” The league works for “positive and continuous community development through public policy formulation, advocacy, shared data and timely communication.”

After Henderson’s presentation, the council approved the action for Hurlburt, Jones, City Clerk Kelli Haluzak and Frehner to attend the league’s annual conference in Sparks on October 12-14.

Tommy and Peggy Rowe of Caliente were present and made a public comment to Henderson thanking him for his desire to help our community and for joining us here in Caliente for the Labor Day weekend. In return, Henderson complimented Tommy Rowe for never missing a meeting while he was mayor.

In other actions, a business license for a business named Mr. Carpet, owned by Frank Adams, was approved.

The action to approve or deny letters to be sent to Lincoln County and NDOT requesting support to clean the Meadow
Valley Wash was approved. Ken Dixon, Building Inspector, stated that “it is NDOT’s responsibility to clean it, and we should put as much pressure on them as possible.”

Hurlburt stated that the Caliente Community Pool had the most ever season passes this year and that around 2,008 people came to the pool in less than three months.

Jones announced that the Historical Boxcar Museum is open on Fridays and that they have a new board member, Susan Hansen, who was present at the meeting. “We are still looking for one more Volunteer,” Jones said.

Hurlburt announced the city received its first request for a marijuana dispensary “to grow and distribute.”