District Attorney Daniel Hooge commented recently that Western Elite, now doing the solid waste hauling in the county, “…have helped us out through a tough ordeal…and are doing a great job.”

The company, near Coyote Springs on U.S. 93, stepped in to help out the county after Recology suddenly discontinued service on June 19, and trash began piling up in collection bins all around the county creating problems and quite of bit of concern and frustration.

Western Elite vice-president Scott Seastrand said, “Everything is going good from our end. The opportunity to service the communities is great, and I think in a logistical standpoint, after we have gotten things up and operational, I think we’re on a great machine that is working terrific at this point.”

Western Elite is using several of their own front-loading trucks to empty the bins at the transfer stations as well as several of the larger double-belly dump truck-trailer rigs.

Seastrand said all the waste is being taken to the Crestline landfill east of Panaca, now owned by the county, because they have a Class I permit for municipal waste. Western Elite also has a Class I permit, but Seastrand said they have not completed their dumpsite facility yet.

County commissioners have sent out a request for proposal for companies and/or individuals who may be interested in taking over the solid waste hauling operations next year and Western Elite may submit a request as well.

Seastrand said the company, after Recology stopped operations, except in the City of Caliente, “saw that the county was in a tough spot, and I believe we jumped to the cause of the county, and this became a project we could do to be of help. We are part of Lincoln County too, and we wanted to show to be a good neighbor and provide whatever resources we could to help.” He added, “We’re happy to be a resource the people can count on, and we’re hoping that our long-term relationship with the County will always be that we are part of the community.”

On another subject, Western Elite will again be holding their annual Christmas Express this year. Seastrand said it will be the weekends of Dec. 2-3 and 9-10. Last year there was a Lincoln County Night, but he said doing it the same way again this year has not yet been determined. “We may just open it up for reservations on any of the four nights.”