Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy Captain Gary Davis

Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy Captain Gary Davis

Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy Captain Gary Davis has retired. A retirement party was held in mid-August at Cowboy?s Dream in Alamo and his last day on the job was Aug. 31.

Davis was with department for 34 years. A 1970 graduate of Pahranagat Valley High, he attended Southern Utah University for a time with an interest in law enforcement, then started work for the road department in Las Vegas. Returning a couple of years later to Alamo to work for Union Carbide at Tempiute, he served as a reserve deputy, going full time in 1981. In 1988, he took the position as Lincoln County Road Supervisor, and when Dahl Bradfield became sheriff in late 1989, Davis was asked to rejoin the department and was promoted to captain.

Sheriff Kerry Lee said Davis ?has been an excellent person to work on crime scene investigations, and crime scene management, has been our liaison to the Clark County Coroner?s office for many years, has been a D.A.R.E.
instructor, (Drug Abuse Resistance Education), and reopened the ?Now You Are 18? program for high school seniors in the county.?

In his spare time, Davis also built and drives a drag racer that has all the markings of the county sheriff vehicles which he races, quite successfully, at a number of special drag racing events.

In the future, Davis sees himself working on the family ranch, the Sharp Ranch south of Alamo. ?That keeps us pretty busy. But I will probably take some time off before deciding what else I might want to do.?

He and wife Darla have three children and nine grandchildren. ?This is our home. We?ll stay here for sure. Law enforcement has been very good to me,? he said. ?It seemed to have way more positive stuff than negative. I liked being able to help.?