One of the first discussion items at the Lincoln County School District Board Meeting on Sept. 8 was Question 2 on Nevada’s November election ballot. This asks whether recreational marijuana use should be legalized in the state.

Pat Hickey of Nevadans for Responsible Drug Policy has requested that all organizations reject the legalization of the drug. Marijuana is already legal to use in Clark County. Board member Wade Poulsen had a strong opinion against it. He said, “I make a public statement. I oppose the legalization of marijuana. I think it is a gateway drug. I think it is a drug that gets people hooked. They get hooked on marijuana and it leads to other drugs, and I believe that.”

According to, PK O’Neill, a Nevada Assemblyman, said, “Working with the homeless on the street, I’m running into drugs constantly. O’Neill added, “Every one of these guys I talk to, guys that are shooting up heroin, I ask them how they got started. Every single one of them started with the recreational use of marijuana.”

According to, “Adolescents who used marijuana regularly were significantly less likely than their non-using peers to finish high school or obtain a degree. They also had a much higher chance of later developing dependence, using other drugs, and attempting suicide. Several studies have also linked heavy marijuana use to lower income, greater welfare dependence, unemployment, criminal behavior and lower life satisfaction.”

Board member Pat Kelley put it plain and simple when he said, “I think it’s the dumbest thing in the world.” The board decided to take a stand against marijuana.

In other business, the board approved the PVHS auto shop concrete foundation work to start.

A PVHS FFA trip to Indianapolis was approved, as was the senior cruise to Baja, Mexico.

The Lincoln County School District released the following statement on Tuesday.

“At the Lincoln County School District Board of Trustees regular meeting held Sept. 8, 2016, the Trustees voted to oppose Question 2 on Nevada’s November General Election Ballot.”