Changes to the county website were talked about at the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners meeting Sept. 6. The site is

Commissioner Adam Katschke said he was not pleased with it at the present time. “You really can’t get on it and do anything with it. I think it’s time that we move to something that is technologically sound, that people can access things on it. A lot of the complaints I have been receiving are that the person can’t use the website.”

County Sheriff Kerry Lee said he was not having the problems Katschke spoke of. “On the sheriff’s side, when I ask for something to be put on or updated, it’s on there within a day. I’ve not had any problems.”

He said he would like to perhaps have a better appearance or more content, “but I think that is on the person.”
He said the website for Esmeralda County, such a sparely populated County, is “an awesome website.”

Commissioner Paul Mathews moved to go out for proposals for someone to design and maintain the website, which was approved by vote. “I think there will be several people who will be interested,” he said. “Over the past several years there have been some who have offered.”

Commissioner Paul Donohue was assigned by Commission Chair Kevin Phillips to be the “point person” on the request for proposal.

Donohue said he has also had some problems using the website. “A lot of county websites today are very interactive,” he said. “You can receive and post email messages, all kinds of things. Ours is more just informational and what is going on in the county. I would like to see one that is very up-to-date and snazzy in appearance.”

He added, “A lot of the elected officials have not been pleased with it, saying it doesn’t fit with what their needs are.”

In the request for proposal, Donohue added, “We need to make sure we address their needs, as stated in the request, but also something, of course, that we can afford. But we still have to get something that is practical and usable. We’re going to have to be more modern with updates and a lot more interactive features for the people that want to use it.”