Lincoln County High School volleyball Head Coach Ken Thornock said volleyball is a momentum sport. If you lose momentum, you lose. If you get in your head, you lose. That’s what happened to the Lynx in two matches against The Meadows in Panaca last Friday.

Lincoln lost in straight games both contests.

In talking about Meadows, Coach Thornock said, “These girls play all year round, and it certainly shows.”

In the first game, Lincoln didn’t appear prepared for the Mustangs firepower, struggling to return the ball over the net. Meadows took the game 25-7.

Thornock must have given them some good advice, because when game two started, it was as a different Lincoln team out there. The Lynx stayed with them all the way to the high teens. Then a series of errors led to another Meadows win, 25-17.

It was a similar story in both games of the second match. Lincoln kept it close through most of the way, even leading by a point in game two. However, The Meadows ultimately pulled away both times, winning with identical scores of 25-18.

Thornock said, “They really only had one good player on their team.” The rest of the players were evenly matched, he added.

The coach said The Meadows is a beatable team, and feels his group will continue improving as the season moves along.

“Our service was very good, we definitely have improved,” he said, adding he still wants to work on freeball passing as well as on the team’s mental attitude.

“Playing to win; not playing not to lose,” he said.

The losses dropped the Lynx to 14-12 overall and 5-3 in league play. Meadows improved to 16-7 and 6-0.

Lincoln is at Laughlin this evening with a doubleheader starting at 5 p.m. Laughlin is near the bottom of the division standings right now.

The Lynx travel to Calvary Chapel (18-5, 8-0) for a doubleheader on the 14th.