Lincoln County Conservation District is pleased to host Holly Gatzke, Lincoln County Extension Educator/Associate Professor for Cooperative Extension, for the next CD Workshop Nov. 3 in Caliente at the Caliente Fire Hall. Holly will speak on, “What Does Organic Matter Do for Your Soils?”

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your soils to stabilize and improve your yields? Holly says by exploring what organic matter is and its role in soils we can learn how to greatly improve production. Organic matter can impact water and nutrient availability. Desert soils are usually very low in organic matter and so we will discuss how to build it.

From the UNCE office in Caliente, Holly has run a wide range of programming for the past 11 years in local foods, workforce development, 4-H, and community and economic development. She grew up on a Canadian farm, acquired a B.S.A. in agronomy and a PhD in soils sciences at the University of Saskatchewan; she operates by creative whole system thinking. In her career she was fortunate to work with the top farmers across Canada for over 10 years in the canola, microbial inoculant and legume food crop industries to assist in improving interactions between researchers, marketers and farmers to advance these industries to be world leaders.

The Conservation District hopes the Workshop series will provide education and a chance for those interested in agriculture and natural resources in Lincoln County to mingle and exchange ideas. Conservation Districts Supervisors are locally elected and work to get incentive-based conservation on the ground in their local areas.

Please join us at the Caliente Volunteer Fire Department Hall next to the Rainbow Canyon Motel on US 93 in Caliente to hear Holly Gatzke share her experience on Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. Parking is easier on the A Street side of the Fire Hall.