Lincoln County is filled with many organizations with common goals to benefit and aid the people of the county.

Ben Rowley, of Nevada Central Media, in association with the NyE Communities Coalition, invited organizations throughout the county to be a part of a new coalition. The goal is to meet monthly to allow everyone to better-understand what each group is doing and find ways to work together on common goals. Having an active coalition also opens the door to additional resources that can help address community needs, such as, employment, education, food, housing and transportation.

The first meeting was held on Oct. 25 and organizations in attendance included Nevada Lincoln County Community Health, RSVP, LC Mental Health, LC Human Services, Pioche Senior Center, LC Family2Family, Nevada Outreach, LC School District, Panaca Town Ambulance, UNR Cooperative Extension, LC Workforce, LC Emergency Management, LC Regional Development Authority, Lincoln Communities Action Team and Mayor Stana Hurlburt of Caliente.

After introductions, Stacy Smith, director of NyE, spoke about her coalition’s experiences and the opportunities for collaboration that come with forming a community coalition.

The next meeting will be held in Panaca, on Nov. 22, at 10 a.m. Any variety of organization (government, non-profits, private sector, educational, religious, etc.) encouraged to participate.