lch-theaterThe Lincoln County High School Theater Club made its return to the stage at the Lincoln County Auditorium Nov. 15-17 with “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus,” the musical adaptation of the holiday tale that epitomizes the meaning of the Christmas season.

This rendition of the play was filled with heartwarming performances, featuring three of this year’s graduating seniors, and excellent messages about generosity, respect and one person’s power to inspire change.

Performing to three sold out crowds, the theater members put up a festive version of the play, with portrayals of the sweet, 1800s tale, featuring songs from the musical like “Spending Christmas Time With You,” created by Wesley Whatley and performed by senior Nathanael Frehner as Scraggly Santa, “Cold Hard Facts,” performed by junior Jack Butler as Mr. Church and the classics “Santa By The Book” and “Yes, Virginia,” sang by the entire cast, directed by Jacob Lester.

Led by senior Haylee Zierow, starring as little Virginia O’Hanlon, junior Derrek Anderson as Ollie, and senior Nathanael Frehner as Scraggly Santa, the musical was a success, with their renditions of songs like “Santa Claus Will Soon Be Here” and “Make A Wish Come True.”

Junior Cody Dirks remarked that “It was a big, surprising success. [During rehearsals] we kept messing up, and we were concerned about not being able to pull it off, but in opening night, when we had our costumes and makeup on, and we all felt the energy, the show came together.”

And pull it off they did, as the delighted audience can attest, after an hour and a half of performances and family messages, appropriate for the holidays.

Congratulations to the Lincoln County High School Theater Club and creative director Jacob Lester for three successful sold out shows, and an entertaining and charming showing of what the theater club has to offer this year. Their next performance is slated for spring of 2017.