Physician Assistant (PA-C) Robert Schofield of Hiko is joining the medical staff of the Lincoln County Hospital District and will work in the Alamo Clinic four days a week.

“There are times that the stars align and show the path that should be followed,” hospital district CEO Jason Bleak said in a written statement. “Thankfully the stars aligned to make it possible for Robert to join our team.”

The Alamo clinic’s open hours had dwindled in recent months, and Bleak is hopeful the hiring of Schofield “will give the residents and visitors to Alamo and surrounding areas a better opportunity to receive the medical services that are needed.”

Schofield will also serve the northern part of the county by providing one weekend per month of emergency room coverage in Caliente.

Bleak said Schofield has been providing emergency services in Las Vegas but is now very excited to be able to practice his profession close to home.

“Robert is full of energy and excitement with new ideas of how to better serve the community,” he added.

Schofield will begin his new job on Jan. 3 with a few days of training and will begin his first day in the Alamo Clinic on Monday, Jan. 9.

“I am grateful to the Alamo community for the wonderful support that has been shown to the hospital district and hope that this will prove our commitment to the community,” Bleak said. “I am confident that the services provided by Mr. Schofield will surpass the patient’s expectations.”