A few days before Christmas, sealed bids for the solid waste hauling service in Lincoln County were opened in the office of County Planning and Building Director Cory Lytle in Pioche.

“We had bids from two companies, Western Elite and Arrowhead Waste Service of St. George, Utah,” said Lytle.

Although Lytle did not say what the amounts were, “They were fairly close to one another on a variety of prices. There were several bid options involved.”

Lytle was planning to meet this week with Commissioner Varlin Higbee, Commissioner-elect Nathan Katschke and landfill supervisor Ivan Jones “and seek to determine whether we are going to try to contract the entire service out, or just part of the services, or have the county do it ourselves.”

He noted it is “the bidding on the various options provided which the committee will compare. We will look at all of it, weigh some of the things we need to have done versus the cost.”

Lytle said the bidders submitted bids that covered all of Lincoln County and other bids that broke the county out into north and south regions, “kind of tailoring to certain kind of services they want to do. None of it is cheap, that’s for sure.”

If Lincoln County took on the solid waste hauling service itself, Lytle said, “Although we think we could be in the same ball park financially, the problem is that not only must the cost of the hauling be considered, but also the cost of operating the landfill and providing maintenance to all the bin sites, etc.”

Earlier this fall, Lincoln County finalized a deal to purchase the Crestline landfill from Recology.

Western Elite has been handling the hauling and disposal since early summer when Recology suddenly quit hauling trash.

Lytle complemented Western Elite for “stepping in and helping the county out. For the most part it has been a really good deal.” A short term service contract for the remainder of the year was negotiated with Western Elite.

Lytle said a Notice of Award regarding these bid proposals will be an agenda item at the at the next county commission meeting Jan. 3.

If the county were to run the hauling service, Lytle said it would advertise and take applications, then hire a few people to drive the front loader trucks purchased from Recology for the eight-yard bins and the roll off trucks for the larger roll off bins.