I am so very sad to hear the news that my friend, Casey Folks, a Legend in Desert and Off Road Racing, has passed away today.

I had the great pleasure of working with Casey in Caliente, Nevada for many years with his events and award ceremonys. Gosh it was so much fun, the life he breathed into our community during race time was something to see.

Then, later living in Carson City I had the opportunity of photographing the Vegas to Reno race for Quick Throttle Magazine and my own Nevada Live Magazine.

Casey was kind, generous, and a true American Patriot! He had wicked humor too, I loved that!

He loved America and supported Veterans everywhere. He always donated to them in Caliente to support their efforts.

He loved what he did and encouraged so many to get out there and ride, drive and have a good time.

In our Lincoln County his events made such and economic impact, it attraced racers and their entorages from a cross the nation to stay and enjoy all that the county had to offer. Which was simple, small town Beauty and a spirit of welcome…ok, and couple of bars and great food too.

He loved Caliente so much he bought a house here. He was a good friend and neighbor to all, and even entered the parade at 4th of July!

We all looked forward to the excitement that came with each of his events! My own husband entered in his motorcycle races back in the day!

He was so much a Legend in Off Road Racing, I truly thought he would live forever!

His joyfilled, adventurous spirit will be missed and the loss of him will be felt all over this world.

Dana Lee Fruend