The Lincoln County High School boys basketball team played at Needles and Laughlin last weekend, losing both contests.

Earlier in the season, Lincoln played Laughlin and won. In that game, Elijah Harr, Brady Lawrence, Justin Barton and Kobe Walker all scored in the double digits. This time it was different. Only Barton and Noah Smith scored in double figures. Head coach Ken Thornock said, “I need either Elijah or Brady to score double digits for us to play well.”

Thornock called the team’s performance “inconsistent” in the Laughlin game. In the first period, Lincoln fell behind 11-7.

The Lynx closed the gap in the second period and trailed by two at halftime.

At halftime Thornock said to the team, “We’re getting more shots off than they are. We need to make our shots.” In the third period the team scored the most points all game, but Laughlin kept pace to hold its lead. In the fourth, Lincoln put up sixteen, but it was too little, as the other team was able to outscore them by eight and won 68-59.

The Needles game was more inconsistent than the Laughlin game. This was Lincoln’s first time playing Needles this season. Before the game, Needles was 3-3. Thornock knew they would be tough, but believed his team could win.

Lincoln started off slow and only had 10 points in the first half.

When the second half began, Lincoln was on fire. The Lynx limited Needles to thirteen points in the third, and they put up twenty. It was 34-30 when the third period ended.

Lincoln was hoping to take the lead in the fourth, but, as their coach said, they were too inconsistent. The team scored five points and their defense vanished as well. Needles scored fifteen and beat lincoln 49-35.

Thornock said, “Braiden McBride, Noah Smith, and Justin Barton all played well against Needles.” Barton was points leader again with 11, most of them coming from beyond the ark. McBride and Smith combined for 14. Thornock said, “Our free throw shooting also hurt us.” The Lynx shot 43 percent from the line. If they would have hit all of their free throws, they would have won the game.

The boys have two tough opponents ahead as they play the undefeated Agassi Prep tonight at 7:30 in Panaca, and they play non-league Virgin Valley tomorrow at 5:30 p.m.