From Sept. 8 to Oct. 6, 2016 the Meadow Valley Middle School students participated in a Reading PRO Challenge sponsored by Newsela, Inc. Newsela is an online reading comprehension program that is full of current event news articles. The genres of the articles range from sports and science to politics and money—all of which are student friendly. Each article has a four question quiz attached to it, as well as a possible essay question. A teacher can assign students articles to read, or the students can choose which they’d like to read from any of the genres.

All schools, which have purchased the Newsela reading program, were eligible to participate in the challenge. Students earned points by reading and taking quizzes. They earned additional points for each correct quiz answer. The winning school was the one where each student earned the most points. Meadow Valley Middle School achieved gold level status, the highest status available, and was the PRO school with the highest number of points at the end of the challenge! Due to our victory, Newsela, Inc. sponsored an award for the school and its students.

The faculty and staff of MVMS decided it would be fun to drive over to Cedar City, Utah and attend a movie. It was all arranged, and MVMS students watched Disney’s “Moana” and received a small drink and popcorn, paid for by Newsela, as a reward for their reading efforts.