The crash involving the Meadow Valley Ambulance Dec. 16 left the county two ambulances short, reported County Emergency Management Director Rick Stever at the commission board meeting on Tuesday.

However, two weeks ago, Nye County donated a used ambulance for the Meadow Valley Ambulance service.

Stever said since the December accident, Pahranagat Valley Ambulance stepped in to help, but has been asked lately to increase their involvement and come to Grover C. Dils Hospital for transports. ?It wasn?t sitting very kindly with them, the extra duties and such,? he said.

?There is a big impact on emergency services when anything like this happens,? Stever said, ?We try to keep things at a minimum. We don?t have a lot of extras. Being out two ambulances, we feel the impact.?

Stever said he attended an emergency management committee funding meeting on Jan. 4 and mentioned the need Lincoln County was facing. He said the Nye County emergency manager approached him and was able to provide another ambulance to Lincoln County. It only took two days after he asked that the ambulance arrived. ?This is the coordination that emergency management has throughout the state with different organizations. There were no questions asked,? Stever said, ?and we have it here now.?

Board chair Paul Donohue asked, ?What more do we need to do to keep on top of things??

Stever said he thought closer communication, ?back and forth,? would be one way. He said he didn?t think the board had a clear understanding of the importance of the impact on the county of being short two ambulances.

Donohue, as the newly elected board chairman, is the contact between the commissioners and emergency management and thought regular scheduled meetings between himself and Stever need to be established, at times yet to be determined.