Last Wednesday, Pahranagat Valley Middle School put on a play directed by Tory Frehner. They had worked on the play during the semester. More than twenty students from grades 6 to 8 helped out with the set, the acting and the sound management.

The play itself was about a time-travelling news-cast duo (Macady B. and Ethan B.), who destroy history as we know it in their attempt to make it more accessible and interesting to modern audiences.

Just when things seem darkest, the main character’s middle school teachers come to save the day. The history teacher (Ryanne C.) has the news casters retake her class in order to set right the events they changed, and just when the plot holes seem big enough to drive a double-decker bus through, the language arts teacher (Jaquelyn M.) makes an appearance to explain “suspension of disbelief” to the characters and the (afore nonexistent) audience. On the whole, the actors and audience seemed to enjoy themselves.

About acting in the play, one of the main characters, Ethan Baine said, “Acting may not be my calling in life, but I certainly feel good up on stage. Mr. Frehner is a great director, [and] you don’t even know how much I wish there were more arts in the school.”

Regrettably, there will not be another play next semester, as they are offering different classes to give the middle school students more opportunities to try new things. As it is, they stand grateful to Frehner for helping to keep a bit of the arts in their school.

About working with middle schoolers, Frehner said “Well, it’s like herding cats, but they seem to enjoy it, and they always pull it off in the end. It’s worth it to see them bowing at the end of the play, grinning ear to ear.”