Kristina Lloyd
Lynx junior Braiden McBride with the ball in action against Calvary Chapel last weekend.

The Lincoln High School boys basketball team had two tough games at home last weekend. They lost a close one against Calvary Chapel but The Meadows game wasn’t so close.  

The first period of the Calvary game wasn’t looking good for the Lynx. The team only scored six to Calvary’s 15. It looked like the boys were going to get blown out. The second quarter changed everything as the team came back. They got some early threes and that boosted their confidence. They started to chip away at the lead.

The Lynx were able to get all the way out of the hole by halftime

The third period was tight with both teams giving it their all. Lincoln trailed by one going into the final quarter. The team knew they had to step up the whole game, but as you would imagine, that was Calvary’s goal too.

Lincoln narrowly lost by five, 61-56, but they put in great effort. Junior guards Brady Lawrence and Elijah Harr each had 11 points. Junior forward Landen Smith scored 10.

Alijah Martinez had 20 points for Calvary.

Meadows is a very solid team. They are 10-3, which seats them third in the league. However, last time the Lynx played them it was fairly close, with Lincoln ultimately losing by 12.

Just like the game against Calvary, the first period didn’t start out well. The boys weren’t hitting their shots and were having trouble getting back on defense.

Unlike the Cavalry game, Lincoln was unable to get back in the contest, and the final was 60-36. Sophomore forward Noah Smith had 12 points and was in double-figures in rebounds as well. Benson Wadsworth didn’t get in until the last minute, but when he stepped out on the floor, he gave it everything. He caused some havoc and got a bucket. The crowd loves him even though he doesn’t get much playing time.

Jake Epstein led Meadows with 22 points and Asheesh Chopra had 19.

Lincoln (5-15 overall, 3-10 league) has its final home games this weekend against Needles (17-8, 8-5) tonight, 7:30, and Laughlin (5-12, 3-9) tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. The team’s final game will be at first place Agassi Prep (16-3, 12-0) on Feb. 10.