Last weekend, the Lincoln County High School wrestling team had an outstanding performance during the regional championship in White Pine High School, in Ely. The team’s participation was led by coaches Jim Borne and Steve Culverwell, and was described as “an exciting achievement.”

Out of the seven wrestlers of the team, six qualified for the state tournament. Freshmen Trevin Perkins and Chance Christensen, sophomore Kyle Zierow, junior Ben Culverwell and seniors Derek Mathews and Zach Rowe won most of their matches and ranked for State.

Since the beginning of the season in November, the wrestlers have been training in order to improve and reach this very achievement. Team captain Mathews (138 pounds) remarked what an accomplishment this is, because “despite the team being really new, I think we did amazing, since every single one of us made it to state, at least placing fourth, but Matt Harr, and he was out because of injuries.”

Freshman Perkins (112 pounds) also remarked that the team’s performance throughout the whole season was outstanding, and even though “Matt Harr couldn’t wrestle in regionals, (it was his first year too!), he had been doing really good during the wrestling season.” Perkins is one of our first-year Lincoln wrestlers who is going to state, placing third place in his weight division. He also stated that he “did not think [the team] would do this well at the beginning of the season” and he credits this improvement to “our great team captains, who have taught the rest of us so much and who [he] wishes didn’t have to leave this year.”

Christensen (113 pounds) surprised the crowd with strategic moves and smart pins. He won two out of three matches, allowing him to qualify for state in second place. Zierow also had a very successful participation, qualifying him to go in fourth place to state with three wins in his weight division.  Zierow remarked that “qualifying for state was an exciting experience, because we’ve been working and improving so much and seeing everybody at the top of their game is very rewarding.”

Congratulations to the Lincoln County High School wrestling team for its victory. The team will participate in state finals this weekend Feb. 10th and 11th in Spanish Springs High School, in Sparks.