A lot smaller group attended the Caliente City Council meeting last week, compared to the previous one. Steve Rowe was acting Mayor.

CaraLee Frehner asked to use the city’s equipment to certify her JAG students in CPR free of charge.

JAG [Jobs for American Grads] is a school-to-work program that works with at-risk students and helps them graduate. There are 18 students enrolled in the JAG class at LCHS. Stana Hurlbert will be doing the training.

The council approved.

Final approval was given to the Groundshakers and Yucca Chuckers to hold their race March 18 and 19 and April 29.

Quarterly reviews with CPA Daniel McArthur was approved. This will help to make sure everything is in compliance. There will be no additional cost to the city

A proposal from Dana Fruend for a director of tourism and a visitors bureau was tabled.

Go ahead was given for work on Alice Street. Curbs and gutters will be put in with no sidewalk on the north side of the street. City crews will do the street work

For the beautification committee – John Ahlstrom brought up the idea to ask businesses to put flowers outside their business to enhance the area. He stated in some area it raised business by 10 percent.