Steve Culverwell gave a presentation on information he has researched on Vortex Power Inc. and owner Jim VanNatta at the Caliente City Council meeting Feb. 16. Culverwell said he had made phone calls to many of the people involved with this project as he handed out paperwork with the information he was presenting and urged the council to not approve a letter to support this project. The letter is needed for Vortex to apply for bonds from the State of Nevada.

The council went into the pros and cons of sending a letter to the Nevada Division of Business and Industry for Vortex. In discussion, Councilman Steve Rowe stated, “I’ve done a lot of research, and too much can’t be verified, and without the whole story I don’t see how we can support this.”

Councilman Cody Christensen said, “The legal problems Mr. VanNatta has has nothing to do with the city. That’s his business. Let’s give him a shot.”

Councilman John Ahlstrom added, “Our job is to let him be successful; to protect and defend the people and employment opportunities. Let’s write the letter and let the process take place.”

Councilman Victor Jones, not present but on the phone, agreed.

City attorney Dylan Frehner sent a letter to the council stating that it is his opinion the city faces no liability for doing a letter of support for Vortex Power Inc. to obtain bonding to do business within the city. He added, “Please note, that my opinion does not address issues that have been raised by the public with regards to harmful emissions, viability of the project, and such.”

The council voted to approve the letter, with Rowe voting no.

In other news, With the promise of receipts and any funds left over returned to the city, Chris Glassburn asked the council for a donation for the Caliente Softball Tournament for Memorial Day weekend.

The council approved $5,000 from the room tax funds.

Ken Dixon was approved to attend the Statewide Emergency Management Recovery Project on March 16 in Reno. This is paid for by FEMA .

Assistant fire chief Ty Mizer said the fire department is getting ready for wildfire prevention.

Deputy Schimbeck gave a reminder to secure your homes, outdoors lights are good, take keys out of cars and don’t be afraid to call into the sheriff’s office

Next meeting will be March 2, 6 p.m.