Lincoln County did well in 2016 regarding the Lincoln County Fire Protection District and Emergency Management Services.

A report was given by District Fire Chief Rick Stever Tuesday at the county commission meeting in Pioche.

He said last year the district had 26 responses, three wildland fires, two dumpster fires, 10 highway accidents and 11 medical calls.

The Pioche Volunteer Fire Department responded to 24 of the 26 calls in the district and assisted on two wildland fires and one of the dumpster fires, in addition to assisting on all the accident and all the medical calls.

Pahranagat Valley Volunteer Fire and Rescue had 32 incidents outside their district, one dumpster fire, three vehicle fires and 18 accidents calls, plus four additional accident calls in Nye County, four medical calls and one gunshot wound.

Stever said he did not have the numbers from the City of Caliente, “but they responded to quite a few calls out of their district also.”

In regards to getting a winter time rescue vehicle, or a track response vehicle, something similar to or like a snowcat for emergencies in areas when normal vehicles, fire trucks or an ambulance cannot get into, commissioners did want to have more discussion and information on that.

No decision was made at the meeting, and Stever said he has tentatively put the item into the department budget he will soon submit to the county for their budget committee process.

He also referred to the special volunteer state sanctioned training session held Feb. 18 at the training center in Panaca. “We had a fairly good turnout, including a couple from White Pine County.” Stever explained it is a program strictly for the county volunteer firefighters studying to be certified in the Firefighter 1 program.

Most of the course is online, he said, but some will require hands-on practical work that will occur occasionally over the progress of the course.