At the Feb. 13 Panaca Town Board Meeting, Rick Stever, Lincoln County Emergency Management, addressed the board. He asked how the community was doing after the incident last summer – referring to the bomb explosions. He asked whether there had been any input from the public and if the board had developed any new emergency plans.

Chairman Tyler Free said, “I think they went to more of a countywide level to express their concerns.” Gretchen Soderberg questioned Stever as to where the civil emergency plan would fit in with the first responders and other agencies that come in. Stever responded, “Back away from the scene.” He was looking for someone to contact, to open schools, to direct citizens, etc. A vote passed to put this on the next agenda.

Van Cluff of Vanguard Pest and Weed Control returned with two contracts, though still not quite what the board wanted. They asked him to separate the alleys from the three-year street contract. They want a one-year trial period. If satisfied, it can be extended another two years. A vote passed to accept a one-year alley contract for $1,200. Cluff will return with the billing changes the board wants for the street contract.

A vote passed to purchase a snow blower for $1,500.

Andy Free, brother to Tyler Free, presented himself to the board for a position on the board. He stated he had some experience and no matter where he has lived he supported the community. A vote passed to accept him as a board member. The county commissioners still need to review this action before he becomes an official board member.

A budget meeting was slated for Feb. 21 to budget for repairs to town hall and streets. Some board members volunteered supplies on hand and labor for the planned projects. Soderberg suggested putting in stop signs might make a good Eagle Scout project.