Lincoln County High School baseball is underway.

Last season everything was clicking for the Lynx, as the team only had one league loss on its way to a state title.

However, it’s a different look this year, as Lincoln graduated six players from the 2016 club. “Losing those players is going to hurt us,” senior Cody Thornock said. “But I think we can pull through and be good.’’

Head coach Raymond Wadsworth and his players hope for a repeat of last year. They have high hopes for the season, but it could be more difficult with teams gunning for the defending champs. ‘’After winning state last year, now we got a target on our backs,’’ senior Kevin Mathews remarked.

The competition will be tough. Needles took the second seed and only had two losses last season, and they only lost three players to graduation. Lake Mead went 15-8, but they look like they could make a comeback year.

Mathews said, “We might struggle in the beginning, but as the season goes on and the young players find their role, we will get better.”

When asked what he hopes his batting average will be this season, Mathews said, “I don’t focus on the stats, I just go out and play the best baseball i can.”

Thornock added, “I just want to get on base and score runs for our team.”

The boys head to Mojave High School in Las Vegas for the Sundevil Invitational today and tomorrow.