The Pahranagat Valley Fire District had their monthly meeting on Feb 23.

The EMS coordinator, Ryan Rhodes, reported that the ambulance barn being built in Hiko is scheduled to be completed the end of March or early April. The plan is to keep one ambulance in Hiko and two in Alamo. He suggested to swap vehicles once a month in order to perform maintenance and keep the ambulance with four-wheel drive up in Hiko during the winter months. Rhodes also proposed that the district look for another two-wheel drive ambulance that needs to be fixed up within the 2007-10 range. They hope to set aside funds towards this project. The fire district also plans on helping pay for people to retake their EMT test on April 15.

Roberta Park, the Emergency Management Chair, wants to have the police and other entities at the next meeting to go over a plan for emergencies. She wants to accumulate ideas about evacuation plans for this town with rotating paramedics. Currently, there are four pallets of water kept in the ambulance barn for emergencies and they would like to get some for the new ambulance barn in Hiko. They also have formula, diapers and hygiene kits to give out during emergencies as well. Donations such as blankets have been received and are always appreciated. She would like to have a Pahranagat Valley Emergency Response Committee (PVERC) meeting with the police and EMTs before next month’s meeting. Park would also like to put on a night drill or day drill in the future to have people go without power for 12-24 hours to see how everyone does if the situation occurred.

The Board Chairman, Lonny Walch, reported that Lincoln County broke off services with Guardian EMS and doesn’t think they will use their services in the future. He also asked Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) for $25,000 to go towards two new generators, 2 sets of turnouts and 4 survivor bottles. He also received a $25,000 grant from United We Stand (UWS). For the training on the 21st this month, 19 people showed up which was amazing.