The Alamo Town Board met on March 9. County Commissioner Varlin Higbee reported on things he learned while in Washington D.C. recently. He talked the 740,000 acres in Nevada that are protected historical sites and monuments and how this hurts the county in various ways. While Congress and President Trump are currently focused on healthcare reform, there is hope that the situation will be addressed in the near future and that changes will be made to benefit the county.

Higbee also mentioned that Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILT) is capped at 50,000 people in a county. That should be thirty-five cents an acre as a bottom end, however, Lincoln County only gets thirteen cents an acre while Clark county gets seventy cents per acre. That is all due to the population formula added into the equation. Furthermore, wilderness areas are now withdrawn along with monuments so there is no money given for those areas. Currently, Alamo and Pioche are capped with taxes.

In discussion about the parks and recreation, there is $124,000 in grant money for flood control through the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC). There is also an amendment being made to the Lincoln County Land Act that allows Southern Nevada Public Lands Act (SNPLA) funds to pay for the maintenance of parks. In the State of Nevada under this Land Act, when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) sells land, the revenue derived is split between the State of Nevada General Education Fund (5 percent), the Southern Nevada Water Authority (10 percent), and a special account available to the Secretary of the Interior for parks, trails and natural areas, among other things.

The subject of work release from prisoners was brought up again and getting them to help out around town on the main roads during the winter months.

The board also wants to break up the ethics training meeting and either combine with Alamo Sewer and Water and the Alamo Power Board or have their own training.

Higbee went on to report that $130,000 has been set aside for repairs to the Y road (route 56) connecting Cedar City from Panaca.

When discussing funds for the local parks and recreation, a suggestion was made during the meeting to have a special assessment go towards funding parks by Rachel, Hiko and Alamo parcels. This was just a suggestion and has not been looked into or discussed further.

The next Alamo Town Board Meeting will be the first week in April.