The Lincoln County High School softball team had a packed schedule last week, winning three over the weekend and losing a close one at Dixie.

Lincoln hosted Mountain View last Friday for a doubleheader. Coach Danny Lloyd wanted the team to work on hitting behind baserunners. Freshman Sadie Soderborg pitched a full game and had an ERA of 1.75, struck out five and only allowed one run as the Lady Lynx cruised to a 19-1 win.

Seniors Drew Cardinal, Cameron Lloyd and Kia Phillips combined for nine RBIs. Cardinal and Lloyd both went 2-2 at the plate. Lloyd said, “The seniors and juniors really stepped up.”

In the next game, senior Hannah Lytle put on a show. She pitched a perfect game, which is very rare and exciting, and led Lincoln to a 20-0 victory. The team was really hyped about her amazing pitching. Both baseball and softball had perfect games last weekend, with Tristen Davis recording a one for the baseball team.

The next day, Lincoln ended Milford at Panaca in just two innings. The home team cranked in 20 runs and only gave up one. The team went in like a bomb squad, coming and then going. Milford didn’t know what hit them.

On Tuesday, Lincoln went to Dixie and played a tough game, losing 5-4. Lloyd said, “We left a lot of runners on base’’ and they needed those extra runs to win the game. Dixie is a big and talented school. Lincoln put up a good fight but fell short in the end.

The team hosts Lake Mead today starting at 1 p.m. On Tuesday the Lady Lynx host White Pine at 3 p.m. for a non-league showdown.