A new tourist billboard sign has been placed at the Hiko Junction on U.S. 93. A unique feature of the attractive new sign is that it is double-sided with a very similar message on the other side, facing motorists coming down from the north, or heading east from Rachel.

A very informative, colorful sign, it replaces two others that were not nearly as good, and faded so badly in only two or three years to be unreadable, and finally looking more like a single-sided blank white board in need of something.

Dave Maxwell photos
The New double-sided tourist billboard at the Hiko Junction was spearheaded by the Lincoln Communities Action Team.

The Lincoln Communities Action Team, a tourism authority in the county, spearheaded the project and tasked Ben Rowley of Nevada Central Media to design the artwork for the new sign. He said, “LCAT has been working on ideas to improve the old sign for several years. After obtaining a $6,250 grant from the Nevada Commission on Tourism and a $5,000 donation from the Lincoln County Room Tax Board, we were able to move forward with developing a new sign.”

He said the plan was to have a double-sided sign, instead of just a single side that only those heading north could see. Now, motorists who are southbound and coming into the Pahranagat Valley at that point, might take an interest in what the valley has to offer, as well as those heading to the north, east or west. “Ultimately,” Rowley said, “we also want to install solar lighting on the sign so it can be seen at night as well.”

The sign was manufactured by Verry Best Signs of Las Vegas.

Additional paneling was added to the backside, as well as structural enhancements to make the wood frame billboard more secure.

LCAT president Marcia Hurd said, “We’re very excited about the sign because it stands out so well. I think it’s awesome, it stands out so beautifully and now when motorists are coming from Caliente, we actually see a sign, the new backside, a wonderful addition. We are very excited to be able to be involved in that.”

Rowley said the new sign is featured on Facebook, both on his company page and the Lincoln County Nevada page, and it has received many positive comments.