Dave Maxwell:
Christian Higbee receives the ball at third base in a recent game, but the runner was already safe.
Pahranagat Valley plays Virgin Valley today in Alamo and in the Cowboy Classic next week in Las Vegas.

Having games postponed due to cold and windy weather is always a letdown and that happened to Pahranagat Valley when they expected to play last week in Tonopah in a non-league matchup. However, the Muckers called and said they would have to cancel because of expected inclement weather including high winds.

This week and next week, too, the Panthers (7-3) have more non-league action on the schedule. They traveled to Canyon Springs in Las Vegas on Wednesday, and have a home game today with Virgin Valley,

Then next week, during spring break, beginning Monday they are participating in the Cowboy Classic at Chaparral High in Las Vegas. There they will face a number 4A teams, most of whom Pahranagat has not played in recent memory, if ever, and are the only 1A team entered.

The seniors on the team indicated they wanted to play some strong competition during the break, so coach Loveday signed the boys up to play in this tournament.

Also included in the tourney are Del Sol (7-5-1), Valley (2-8), Western (2-9), Chaparral (9-4-1), Cheyenne (0-6), Eldorado (7-7), Virgin Valley (7-5), Desert Pines (3-7-1), Tech (8-4), Pahrump Valley (5-8), Clark (2-11), and Mohave (2-8-1). The Panthers first two games on Monday are with Del Sol and Mohave.