The Lincoln County Detention Center is ready to begin receiving more of the overflow inmates in the recent agreement worked out with the City of North Las Vegas and the Clark County City Jail.

After a few delays, “to get the bugs worked out better,” Sheriff Kerry Lee said this weekend, beginning today, “we are going to use three separate vehicles and about five officers, planning on doing two transports Friday and another on Saturday, which should bring between 50-60 plus inmates, both male and female, to the detention center.”

After that, and after the majority of them get here, Lee said, “then we will only need to go down once a week.” The transport days will vary during the week.

“The officers are just going to have to put in overtime to do the transports, because we still have those at the detention center we have to watch. It’s going to be a busy weekend,” he said.

The sheriff’s department has two vans and a Ford Expedition to use. All of the personal effects of the inmates, “whatever they were booked in with down at city jail, will also be brought with them when they come. Most inmates will not stay long, although some might.

Lee said the inmates will be secured in the vehicles with “belly chains and leg irons, and inside the vans it’s a secure setting to prevent escape.”

The new contracts with North Las Vegas and the Clark County Detention Center were worked out over several months after Clark County did not renew their contract last year with Lincoln County, but at the same time, the North Las Vegas facility closed, leaving a need there. Lee earlier said, “North Las Vegas contacted us, so we were very happy to begin negotiations with them to work out an agreement, because of our own need at the time.”

Lee said the needed extra painting and shower facilities have been completed at the detention center, and they are finishing up a few plumbing issues that remain.

He said, “We’re wanting to get our inmate numbers up to where they need to be, at about 100, so that we can make this whole thing work, and fill those positions that are still vacant.”