Zachary Grant Holdaway pled guilty recently in the Seventh Judicial District Court on a count of poaching out of season.

Lincoln County Assistant District Attorney Franklin Katschke presented the case, charging that between August 29 and 30, 2015, at or near the Gubler Ranch in Lincoln County, Holdaway “did knowingly kill, or aid and abet another person to kill, a bull elk during a time other than the time of day set by the commission.”

District Attorney Daniel Hooge said game warden John Anderson “did a good job in gathering all the evidence, cell phone records, track GPS coordinates, plus a lot more, but finally after quite of bit of time got the whole case together,” to show Holdaway killed the elk between the hours of 11 p.m. August 29 and 3 a.m. August 30.

Holdaway pled guilty to the charges in district court. Sentencing was set for today in Pioche.

Hooge said if a person, such as Warden Anderson, “takes their time, investigates thoroughly and has enough evidence, typically a person will plead guilty and a trial is not needed.”

He said Holdaway could be sentenced to 1-5 years in jail, or a fine, or both.