Dave Maxwell
The ‘What Not Shop’ is now an indoor gift store at R Place Shell at Ash Springs on U.S. 93.

The long time outdoor gift shop at R Place Shell at Ash Springs has moved indoors.

After being under the canopy close to the parking area and grassy area, manager Rogan Haslem decided to expand the business and have the shop moved inside the main store building.

A 10 by 20 room has been partitioned off from a storage area and an outside door, that had been locked for many, many years was unlocked for access to the store.

Inside visitors will find a full array of locally handmade crafts from laser cut wooden carvings, crocheting, bead work, picture frames, some CD’s, and a number of second-hand paperback books.

Also included are baby blankets, dream catchers, horseshoes with various designs, bells, clocks, odds and ends and Knick Knacks.

The attendant at the shop said having it inside is a good business move. “If you have everything grouped together people can see everything, and don’t have to walk from the store or gas island, which isn’t that far away, but now it’s closer.”

The gift shop has been at R Place for about 22 years, but was always outside on the picnic area under the canopy and primarily only in the spring, summer and fall months before the weather got too cold.

A handmade poster under the canopy directs people who might not know of the move to where the shop is located now. “Just look for the window with red trim. And the response has been surprisingly good,” the attendant said, “with a wide range of ages shopping, from the grade school kids on up to Grandma and Grandpa. There seems to be no particular age bracket that buys the most.

The shop expects to be open 8 to 4 Saturday and Sunday, and on a long weekend, where the holiday is on a Friday or Monday, then be open for three days.