On March 14, the Pioche Chamber of Commerce conducted its regular meeting.

Candice Mortenson, Les Derkovitz and Mary King were present.

During committee reports, it was discussed that one of the volunteers will no longer be able to provide tours. A need to paint the Opera House was also discussed.

Derkovitz said he is waiting for us to finish the non-profit application. It is currently on the back-burner as the chamber is running with a skeleton crew as far as volunteer members.

King is currently gathering up invoices and is working on the June 30 deadline for finalizing grant paperwork.

Derkovitz and King met before the meeting to go over the online member area and how to use the program. Members who have not paid dues in two years will be purged and the rest of the list will be updated.

For the website, Bruce Reddig has created a new logo for the chamber. All members have agreed to the new branding and will be moving forward to hopefully launch new design by the summer.

The Labor Day Committee has had a meeting as of March 2. They chose a logo, theme and parade theme for Labor Day 2017. The logo was released publicly this month and the parade theme has been announced.

The chamber voted unanimously to change the day of further meetings to the second Wednesday of the month. It will also be meeting at The Silver Cafe at noon.

Banners were discussed and several have gone missing. The chamber will vote in its

April meeting whether to order more.

In post meeting action items, Mortenson will contact Cory Lytle to find a way to pay an Opera House employee to do summer tours. Getting the Opera House repainted is also an action the chamber would like to schedule.

Regarding the website, Mortenson will tell Reddig to move forward on branding and to

shoot for a Summer 2017 launch of new design.

The chamber recently met again on Wednesday.