Quick action by alert neighbors led to the arrest of a Caliente man, allegedly involved in a robbery of a home near the Beaver Dam Estates area, between Panaca and Caliente.

Sheriff Kerry Lee said on the morning of April 15, neighbors of a residence in the area reported to the sheriff’s office “they had seen a suspicious person leaving the property of the suspected burglary.”

Lee said he was pleased the neighbors were so observant of strange activity in their location and cared enough to call, “because it appeared the home, with the occupants being absent, had been broken into. They even reported seeing items from inside the house outside and covered up to try to be hidden.”

Upon investigation, deputies learned that contents of a safe had been taken along with multiple firearms, plus items from a shed and trailer, including an ATV.

The home is owned by a person from Las Vegas who was contacted about the burglary and came to the home to identify stolen items.

Lee said from the evidence gathered on scene such as shoeprints and tire marks, witness statements, etc., a possible suspect was identified.

After obtaining a search warrant, deputies went to the home of Jonathan Hause, 40, of Caliente on April 20 and “recovered multiple items of evidence.”

Hause was arrested at the scene and is the only suspect in the case. He appeared in Meadow Valley Justice Court on Monday, charged with one count of burglary, grand larceny, grand larceny of a firearm, possession of a firearm by an ex-felon, theft, and possession of burglary tools. Bail was set at $112,000, and he will appear in court May 2 for arraignment.

Lee said several deputies handled the case and “really worked hard to find so many of the stolen items and the arrest in a short time.” He said 90 percent of the items have been recovered and deputies are still working to recover the others.