The Pioche Chamber of Commerce is looking for volunteers to join it’s ranks and help keep the organization going as it serves the community.

The chamber has dwindled down to three attending members lately, and is really to get things done. The Pioche chamber is a little different than most most other towns or cities because of the small amount of businesses in the town.

The chamber focuses on things that are best for the town and community as whole.

Besides working for the betterment of Pioche and the surrounding communities, the chamber oversees the Labor Day Committee that puts on the Labor Day celebration in Pioche.

The chamber recently changed a long standing meeting time from the second Tuesday of the month to the second Wednesday, so that meetings can return to the Silver Café for a noon time “working meeting” and lunch. It is hoped that this will bring back some of the former attending members. The Silver has been closed on Tuesday since the new owners took over, so by switching meeting days, the traditional meeting place can be used again.

Along with the decline of members coming to the meetings, the Thompson’s Opera House, which also operates under the wing of the chamber of commerce is losing a volunteer who has helped for years by working one day each weekend to keep the opera house open for tourists to get travel information, plus show off the building. The chamber moved its office to the opera house years ago to provide a way for the volunteers who worked the Chamber Information Center a way to do both that, plus show the opera house to visitors. The Museum and the Million Dollar Courthouse both have a paid position from the county to keep someone there during the season to show visitors these attractions. The opera house operates via unpaid volunteer help.

The Pioche chamber is looking to open the opera house more than just during the weekend and continue having the building be an asset for the town of Pioche, both as a tourist attraction and also as a community event center.

Those who would like to attend and participate in the operations of the chamber of commerce are invited to attend a future meeting at the Silver Café on the second Wednesday of each month at noon. Those interested in volunteering at the opera house can contact Leslie Derkovitz (775-962-5426).