Dear Editor,

I applaud Congressman Mark E. Amodei and his 16 republican colleagues for putting forward House Resolution 195 on March 13, expressing their commitment to “conservative environmental stewardship.”

The resolution acknowledges the real impacts that extreme weather events and the changing climate have on everyday Americans, and advocates for economically responsible innovation in the areas of clean energy and pollution reduction because, “there is increasing recognition that we can and must take meaningful and responsible action now to address this issue.”

I hope democrats follow his example.

About 5 years ago I attended a fundraiser for a Fish and Game Club. There were protesters outside carrying signs. What they didn’t know was that inside $500,000 was being raised to preserve a large amount of land for natural habitat. Inside, multiple speakers made jokes about the people outside and everyone chuckled. What they didn’t know is the group sponsoring the protest had pressured the legislature to pass controls on chemical dumping in the river that borders this newly preserved land.

There are good people all over the political spectrum that want to take a drink of water or a deep breath without the fear of invisible toxins, that want healthy forests that are not reduced to tinderboxes by causes that we can control, that want game to hunt, fish to catch, places where the wonders of our natural world are on full display. This is not a partisan issue.

On April 29th there is an important opportunity to show our common allegiance to the environment. The People’s Climate March is happening in Washington DC and all across the country and it needs to be balanced by republican and conservative marchers in order to have as much impact as it should. Please join the march! Let’s remind each other and the world that when there is a crisis, we Americans know how to set aside our differences and take meaningful and responsible action.


Matthew Lee