A few corrections to the Alamo Sewer and Water News story that ran last week.

Regarding the donation of the tank to the Lincoln County Airport Authority by Coyote Springs Investment for use at the Alamo Airport, the tank is a 500,000 gallon tank, not a 500-gallon tank.

Coyote Springs Investment is not donating the tank so they can store fuel at the airport — they do not store fuel there, and do not plan on that, according to Wendy Rudder, Vice Chairman for the airport authority.

“One of the reasons water is needed at the airport is to provide public water and fire suppression / fire fighting capabilities,” Rudder said. “Currently there is no water at the airport. Water is needed for public use and fire suppression for the current county buildings there, the current tenants and for future tenants.”

Rudder added that water at the airport will be an overall benefit to the Alamo area and the entire county as the goal is to bring additional tenants to the airport. Additionally, having public water and fire suppression will allow the airport authority to pursue other grants, and depending on how it is installed, the tank can possibly be a redundant system for Alamo Sewer & Water.