The Pahranagat Valley Fire District had its board meeting April 19. The meeting opened with a public comment asking when the pump on the truck will be fixed, and that it should be within the next month. A request was also made for a 2,000-watt inverter for use with power tools. That purchase will be looked into in the coming months.

The EMS coordinator, Ryan Rhodes, reported that one of the EMT students is paid for to retake the test and he is waiting to hear about the other students. A 2012 medium duty ambulance with 105,000 miles on it was found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Asking price was for $42,000. The Pahranagat Valley Fire District has made the decision to purchase it, and Rhodes will be flying out to purchase it and check to make sure the ambulance is in good working condition. There is a fourteen day return policy on it, so before transporting the vehicle back to Pahranagat Valley, he will perform due diligence on the purchase in behalf of the Pahranagat Valley Fire District. It was also mentioned that the Lowe’s grant for the Automated External Defibrillator (A.E.D.) had some more questions needing to be answered. The grant writer has finished, and now they are waiting for approval in May.

Roberta Park, the Emergency Management Chair, announced that the district has received donations of blankets and other items. A notice was also sent to each agency about the upcoming meeting on May 9 for the Pahranagat Valley Emergency Response Committee (PVERC). It was also confirmed that a pallet of water has been ordered for the new Hiko Station and a generator will be there.

On August 11, the Lincoln County School District will be doing a drill for school employees only without kids present. This training is under the direction of Lincoln County School District Superintendent Pamela Teel and Jeff Kaye from School Safety Operations Incorporated. Teel wants to build safe cultures and communities for the students. Teel is making sure all substitute teachers will be present as well so everyone on any given day knows what to do in case of an emergency.

Cherry Florence, the principal of Caliente Elementary School stressed, “This will not have any students or parents involved. This is strictly for the employees of the Lincoln County School District. It will also involve Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Nevada Highway Patrol, all Volunteer Fire Departments in the northern and southern end of the county as well as Emergency First Responders. We are trying to make sure we are all on the same page as the Emergency First Responders so we have a better grip on what will happen in case of an emergency.”

Board Chairman, Lonny Walch reported the need to go to Panaca on April 29 for practical classes and then on May 6 again for extrication knowledge.

Much consideration has been given to the current budget due to the generosity of anonymous donors, coupled with the unforeseen expansion of opening the new station in Hiko and the purchase of another ambulance. The Pahranagat Valley Fire District has been working in cooperation with Heidi Rose from the Nevada Department of Taxation and Shawn Frehner with the Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office to augment the current budget. The fire district was informed that it needs to reflect the unforeseen added donations, Hiko Station and ambulance purchase since they were added in after the initial budget was written and approved. Next month is the the fire district’s budget meeting so they can address and report the changes made to the budget with the help and assistance of the Nevada Department of Taxation and the Lincoln County Treasurer’s Office.

The next Pahranagat Valley Fire District Meeting is to be determined after lining up everyone’s schedules.