The Lincoln County Coalition continues to hold monthly meetings in Panaca. The informal organization provides a forum for community members to share what is going on in the various organizations they are involved with and coordinate with other groups.

The most recent meeting was held on April 25 at the Panaca Town Center, and Ben Rowley facilitated the discussion.

The group first went around the room to make announcements.


Marcia Hurd, representing LCAT, announced the name has been changed from Lincoln Communities Action Team to Lincoln County Authority of Tourism, because their focus is tourism and encouraging people to come to the area. Upcoming events LCAT is promoting were shared, including the Gravel Grinder mountain bike ride at Beaver Dam State Park, which is Saturday, June 17 at 7:30 a.m. The reasoning behind this event is to encourage mountain biking in Lincoln County. Participants can go to for more details and to register. Friday night camping is also available at the park.

Rowley mentioned two events that were last Saturday – the Casey Folks Caliente 100 motorcycle race and the Carp Rodeo at the Pahranagat Valley Wildlife Refuge.

School District

Ginger Shumway, from the Lincoln County School District, informed the group that district superintendent Pam Teel is willing to be a sector representative for the Drug Free Communities grant that the coalition is working on. She also mentioned that both county school’s graduations are set for May 26, at 7 p.m.

Emergency Preparedness

Representatives from American Red Cross attended the meeting. Disaster Program Specialist Donna Robinson talked about putting on workshops at the schools, if the school district was interested.

Lincoln County Emergency Management put on a meeting in connection with Red Cross and Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) last Saturday in Panaca to discuss community preparedness. All community members ages 16 and up are invited to find out ways in which they can volunteer in their communities.

Christy Blood, with LC Workforce, is helping to spearhead this effort and wants to put together volunteer teams in each town to work along side of EMTs and firefighters. The idea is to keep things more organized and give people specific assignments, like helping to provide food, clothing and shelter. Blood is also talking to county thrift stores to be a source for supplies for families recovering from a disaster. She talked about a food bank and wants to find out how to promote and get more food for all emergency situations.

Cooperative Extension

It was also announced that 4-H sign-ups are still happening. Additionally, a healthy eating food class by Hailey Glockner is beginning in Alamo. More information can be found at

A workshop called “Manage Your Money for You and Your Business” is underway in Caliente and is continuing until the end of May. The workshop is free and happens every Wednesday at 5 p.m. at the Cooperative Extension office.

The new fiscal year for work experience for both youth and adults starts July 1. This is a program that connects workers with local businesses and pays all or part of an employee’s salary for a period of time. Both businesses looking for workers and individuals looking for work experience opportunities are encouraged to contact LC Workforce at (775) 726-3800 or visit the Cooperative Extension office.

Veteran’s Services

Linda Rollins, a volunteer with the Nevada Department of Veterans Services, shared what benefits are available to veterans. She talked about the free legal assistance meeting taking place on June 9 from 8 a.m. to noon at the City Council Chambers in Caliente. She hopes to get about 30 veterans there.

Rollins also talked about an upcoming community prayer event in the county. The committee in charge of this has chosen to do two national days or prayer a year. One will take place on the Sunday before election day and the other on the first Thursday in May. The latest event was held yesterday in both Pioche and Alamo.


Kelle Ahlvers with Lincoln County Community Connection talked about the Love & Logic parenting classes. She discussed that it is mandatory for parents of pre-k students, who wish to enroll their kids in preschool, to take the class. Community Connection is working on offering the course, which is one night a week for three weeks, in all the towns before the new school year begins. Preschool is a free, grant-funded program the district provides, and the mandatory class helps ensure the program can continue to be funded.

Health Fair

Rowley mentioned that the Grover C. Dils Hospital is putting on its annual community Health & Wellness Fair on Saturday September 16, from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Caliente Fire Station.

Substance Abuse Prevention

Rowley talked about the Drug Free Communities grant, which would provide funding to reduce youth substance abuse in the county. The group discussed generally the substance abuse problems they see in the county, which include prescription drug and alcohol abuse.

Rowley mentioned that the grant requires 12 sector representatives to be included in the coalition. A few of the tentative people to fill the roles from last month’s meeting were confirmed.

Rowley intends to gather more data on the issue of youth substance abuse and present it at future meetings.

The meeting was then adjourned and the next meeting is scheduled for May 23 at 10 a.m. at Panaca Town Center. Community members are encouraged to attend to share information and coordinate on activities and issues in the county.