Natalia Vargas
On April 29, the prom royalty election, top row, from left: Taylor Lawrence, Brady Lawrence, Allen Toledo and Tristan Davis. Bottom row, from left: Kailey Kelly, Bruna Santos, Maycie Woodworth and Sadie Teel.

On April 29, Lincoln County High School held its annual prom, celebrating the graduating senior class of 2017.

The dance was organized by the junior and senior class prom committee, with the help of teachers Jake Zierow, Lori Cheeney and Ken Thornock. The committee decided on the theme “Prom Night Premiere.” Dozens of Lincoln County students attended dressed up in elegant, movie star-worthy gowns.

The night was filled with colorful and extravagant decorations and dinner. The dance floor was decorated with the Hollywood sign and a chandelier, while couples entered the dance walking on a red carpet.

Senior committee member Emily Rowe was part of the planning and remarked that the dance turned out “really good” and was excited with its success. Junior Danielle Lister was amazed at the prom decorations and remarked that “this night couldn’t have been possible without the help of our great teachers.” Junior committee member Baylee McCrosky commented on the dinner, which was said to be “really good. Very hard to plan, but it was really worth it.”

Jake Zierow was among the teachers that helped out, and expressed his relief with the successful night. Zierow said he really “enjoyed it” and that he likes the extracurricular element of prom.

He added that “it’s fun to watch their surprise when they come in, and their excitement while they’re there.”

The dance also featured principal Marty Soderborg as a DJ. Junior Lister said that “Mr. Soderborg played some really good tunes, and I think he did a great job.”

Soderborg has been picking and playing the songs for many of the school events, making it part of the traditional arrangement of dances.

The dance featured the election of prom king and queen. The junior class voted and the nominees for prom queen were Kailey Kelly, Bruna Santos and Sadie Teel, while the prom king royalty was Taylor Lawrence, Brady Lawrence and Tristan Davis. The prom king and queen were Allen Toledo and Maycie Woodworth, respectively.