A special Pioche Town Meeting was held the morning of April 24 at the Town Hall mainly to discuss potential presentations to the citizens of Pioche concerning the options available for the Pioche Public Utilities. The board is wrestling with a decision to merge PPU with county utility districts.

Chairman Phyllis Robistow, Vice-Chair Tom Brown and board members Glenn Zelch and John Christian were present.

The board needs to come up with a presentation to give to the public regarding their options on transferring the water and power. Christian stated that his biggest issue is the retirement and the pool. Brown’s concern with transferring the water is if there is an emergency, how long it would take for a water district employee to get there.

Concerns about how hard it would be to get a boom truck or any equipment up to Pioche to use. Town Manager Nathan Adams stated that Sunrise Engineering presented a plan and a dollar figure to get the power system back up so that could be an option.

The board stated that the water district might be willing to give a loan. The pros and cons of each option are going to be on a presentation provided to the public. Christian made a motion to empower the chairman and one other board member to get with the staff and modify the latest list and add the pros and cons. Brown seconded the motion, and all voted in favor.

In other business, Adams informed the board that a power pole fell on Treasure Hill. An excavator was rented to two poles that don’t have roads to them. Adams will bring an update to the board at the next meeting.