Using the opportunity to speak at the International Biomass Conference in Minneapolis April 10-12, Lincoln County Regional Development Authority executive director Mike Baughman met with several biomass industry representatives there.

In making his report at the regular meeting of the Lincoln County Regional Development Authority May 1, Baughman said he discussed arranging meetings with at least 15 representative of biomass-using businesses.

He said he told the representatives of the pinyon juniper biomass resources available in Lincoln County as well as chemical and performance analysis of samples of the biomass materials in Lincoln County that have been done by the Idaho National Laboratory and Biomass Energy Lab.

A representative of a firm producing industrial wood pellets for export to Europe from the southeastern U.S. mentioned that similar pellets, manufactured in Lincoln County, could be shipped by rail from Caliente to the Port of Los Angeles for shipment to Asian markets.

He told the LCRDA members he will continue to coordinate with the various representative seeking to have one or more decide to invest in biomass production in the county.

In addition, the U.S. Industrial Wood Pellet Association is holding its annual conference in Las Vegas Oct. 9-11, and thought his attending this conference would be very beneficial. He said some 40 companies are planning to attend. This might result in being able to arrange a tour of the PJ resources in Lincoln County for interested executives of industrial wood pellet manufacturers.

In other news, Baughman said he plans to attend the Solar Power International Conference in Las Vegas in September. He will present opportunities for utility-scale solar energy project development in Lincoln County to representatives of various development firms attending the conference. Dave Hurd said he thought pitching the idea of the Coyote Springs area for solar development would be key as the location offers great potential in Lincoln County.