Courtesy photo
Mike Renney (right) won a total of $450 at Eagle Valley Resort’s Big Dollar Fishing Tournament for catching the best bass on both Saturday and Sunday. He is standing with, Bernie Lange (left), who ran the weigh-ins, winner payouts and raffle for the resort.

Eagle Valley Resort held its annual Big Dollar Fishing tournament at Spring Valley Reservoir last weekend.

Open to all ages, the event included cash prizes as well as live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

On Saturday, Mike Renney caught the biggest bass and took home $150. Mike Steckel won $100 for the second biggest bass for the day. Joseph Monahan won $150 for the biggest trout and Lloyd Nelson won $100 for the second biggest trout.

The cash prizes were higher on Sunday, with Renney winning another $300 for the biggest bass on the day. Transon Hadley got $200 for the number two bass.

For trout caught on Sunday, Tegan Monahan and Jolise Duvots both won $200 for first and second best respectively.

Other winners were Kyle Flynt ($100), Monahan ($75), Linda Rusk ($50), Nelson ($50) and Nancy Cardella ($25), all for trout.