Natalia Vargas
Team Elite performing to “I Love Me” at the Parowan Dance Competition.

On April 28 and 29, Lincoln County’s Dance Dynamics competed at the Parowan Dance Competition in Utah.

Led by Mindy Anderson, the night featured performances from various divisions from bigger schools all throughout Nevada and Utah. Despite the larger advantage the other divisions had, the county’s dancers performed well.

The studio has trained local dancers for over eight years, achieving acclaimed reviews at many of their performances, including this year’s competition.

Among the highly-rated performances was Team Elite’s rendition of Jazz, Stylized Jazz, Military and Hip Hop dances, which were awarded a “Superior” qualification, while getting an “Excellent” in their Lyrical dance.

Choreographed by Anderson, the performance featured junior Shayla Mathews, sophomores Kendra Mathews, Keely Jackson, Brianna Brobst, Baylee Cameron, Kismet Derkovitz Amy Glockner, and freshmen Joanna Ahlstrom, Sadie Soderborg and Hailey Hooge.

The competition was described by team members as a nerve-racking experience.

Team Extreme achieved “Superior” in their Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop, and an “Excellent” in Military. Anderson commented how “the girls did amazing.” She remarked how many of the other dance teams “compete every week,” while “our Lincoln County girls compete only once… and we do just as well and even better than them.”

The team included Ellie Frehner, Kassidy Mathews, Madison Decker, Alexa Thornock, Madelyn Hart, Ada Heaton, Katy Mathews, Monroe Morrow, Loni Phillips and Mikelle Stewart.

Team Elevate also did well, achieving two “Superiors” in Military and Jazz, and two “Excellents” in Lyrical and Hip Hop. The team included Ella Somers, Ashlinn Lewis, Lindsey Bleak, Bailee Cole, Makayla Dougan, Anika Gatzke, Jyllian Lynn, Remi Lytle, Samantha Patrick, Savannah G. Young and Savannah K Young.

The evening next showcased solo dances by Alexa Thornock, Mikelle Stewart, Loni Phillips, Madelyn Hart, Shayla Mathews and Jyllian Lynn.

Thornock’s performance awarded her a Queen Contemporary First Attendant Jazz position, while Stewart won the Queen Jazz Second Attendant Lyrical position. The two also won First Attendants Duet Jazz.

Loni Phillips was awarded with Queen Jazz, while Hart won First Attendant Lyrical and Second Attendant Jazz.

Shayla Mathews won the First Attendant Lyrical award along with Jyllian Lynn winning Third Attendant Jazz.