Sarah Judd
From left, Gwen Sutherlan, owner of the new Gwen’s Grill, with Debbie Drexler.

On May 15, Gwen’s Grill, a new restaurant in Alamo, had its soft opening. The restaurant is located at 2901 Buckhorn Ranch Rd. The building was formerly Carlos’ Restaurant. Gwen’s is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week until advertised otherwise. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with a wide array of food from Hawaiian, Chinese and American. They also have daily specials to try. The owner said if she has the ingredients on hand, she can make something else, if requested.

The owner, Gwen Sutherlan, has lived in the valley for twelve years now. She started working at the truck stop, Del Pueblo for three or four years. She then ran Chester’s Chicken for eight or nine years as well as working for Carlos’ restaurant, the motel and started her own lunch truck down by the 318 for eight months. For the past eleven years, she has also made Thanksgiving dinner for the community members and held it at the Alamo Senior Center. Sutherlan is a jack of all trades.

She is all about the community and helping people. She explained, “If someone needs something, I will be there to help and do it.”

When I asked her about why she started her own restaurant, Sutherlan expressed, “It’s what I do. I’m a mom. Everyone is better when they are happy and content. I want to share the love and bring the community back together.”

The owners of the building called her up recently and asked if she wanted to start using the building, and she told them yes, and the owners said she could start in a couple of days. Sutherlan has big plans for activities like a dance night, open mic night and other fun activities. Since everything happened so quickly, new signs with “Gwen’s Grill” will be put up in the near future and the old Carlos’ sign will be removed.

Katrina Hansen expressed, “The food is amazing! Gwen comes out and talks to you while dining and makes you feel like you are the only one there and that she is serving just you.”

McKenzie Mulliner stated, “I think they have the best variety of food for this valley.”

Community members Gwen’s Grill on Facebook for updates and come check out the amazing aroma coming from Gwen’s Grill that will leave you happy and content.